Let’s Talk Excuses

 When you dream, do you go after your dream? Or when you tell someone your dream out loud, do you follow it with the word “but”.  And life stays the same.   I’m talking about dreams while you are sleeping and the dreams we have when we are awake, conscious, alert.  I believe dreams are a way of guiding us to our ultimate goals.

 But = Excuses

 Who does them? Everyone. You have heard it.  But I’m too fat.  But I’m too skinny. But I’m too old. But I’m not technically smart.  But I don’t have the time.  Remember.  Why are they bad?  They help us justify staying in the same situation.  The justify us not taking Action.

Excuses give you an “acceptable” reason not to get the thing done.  No one accomplishes anything through excuses. You might not even realize you’re using excuses until you sit back and analyze why you’re not reaching your goals. Listen to your self-talk… are you using the word “but”?  I bet you are.  I do too.  It’s something that we have to strive daily to quit, just like any other bad habit.

  What word are you going to use instead of “but”?

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2 Responses to Let’s Talk Excuses

  1. muireann04 says:

    I use but a lot now I am going to use However lol

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